Lövepac is a brand that is fully owned by Nolato - a group that has been established in 1938 and ever since has been making a difference.

Particularly, the Lövepac was founded in 1968 in Skåne, South Sweden. The main inspiration of its creation was to provide a platform that could bring forth phenomenal innovation in technology and its application focusing on providing solutions for cosmetic and mechanic products globally.

Since its inception, and because of its role, Lövepac's pioneer CIM ( Ceramics Injection Molding) has been trusted by many players.

This Group was established in 1938 and since 1984, it has been listed at the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

In this period, this parent company has established around 20 companies with 10000+ employees flourished on as much as 3 continents.

Nolato has been credited as system developers with leading competence of molding and tooling that provide Medical Solutions, Integrated Solutions, and Industrial Solutions.