Lövepac Announced Ceramic Wearable on CES 2015
At Las Vegas CES 2015 January 6 - 9, Lövepac Ceramics hosted our show together with an innovation wearable startup company Htsmartech.
Miragii, a Htsmartech wearable jewellery powered by Lövepac Ceramics, received thrilled interests and great success in the CES show, not only its unique innovation of interaction interface, but also the premium ceramics touch and feel. Over 20 media interviewed us and the Miragii product, Miragii got ranked as Top 5 Coolest Wearable of 2015 CES by French media.
Lövepac, together with Tosoh Japan (World No.1 Zirconia manufaturer), devote into developing a strong platform for leading ceramic applications, We are very open to work with all innovative partners, support you utmost to create a great product just like Miragii with premium Lovepac ceramics.